Double Discovery Center


Educating Children of Promise since 1965



We invite all eligible students to complete and submit an application with the necessary documentation (e.g. high school transcript, attendance record for current academic year, and family income verification).  You can download the current application by clicking here

Complete applications must be submitted by July 15th to be considered for fall admission; by November 15th to be considered for spring admission; and by March 15th to be considered for summer admission

A complete application must include responses to all of the questions and be signed by the student as well as the parent/guardian.  Additionally, it must be accompanied by the items listed below.  Failure to include all documents will result in the delay of the review of your application.

- Copy of the student’s most recent high school transcript  

- Copy of the student’s current attendance record

- Copy of parent or guardian’s signed 1040 tax return or public assistance budget letter if available, or a completed family/household income section.

In some instances, the Double Discovery Center may request a student interview or parent/guardian conference to further evaluate an application prior to making a final decision regarding admission.  In such cases, the parent will be immediately notified to schedule the follow-up activity.

All information will be kept confidential.  

To submit your completed application and accompanying documents, please mail them to the address listed below OR fax them to 212.854.7457.  If you prefer, you can hand-deliver the items to the Double Discovery Office, which is located in room #306 of Lerner Hall on the Columbia University campus.

Click here to download application