Double Discovery Center


Educating Children of Promise since 1965



Students and parents should consider an application to DDC as a long-term investment in education!

DDC is not a one term, or one service wonder; we are not just a tutoring service, SAT prep site, or summer program provider — DDC is much more and the full benefit takes place over years, not days.


Applicants must be in grades 7 through 12 or, under the age of 27 and interested in applying to or reentering high school, college, or completing an equivalency (GED) program.

Applicants must live in, or attend school in the Borough of Manhattan.

Preference is given to students who are low-income (as determined by Federal income guidelines) and/or of the first-generation in his or her family to attend college.

Preference is also given to students attending District 5 Schools, (from Hudson River and 122nd Street, up north to 155th Street and over to the East River).

Students who do not meet the low-income or first-generation eligibility may still submit an application to be considered for admission. We admit a limited number of students outside of these guidelines.


Priority is given to completed applications received on or before the 15th of the month prior to the start of each term:

Fall - September 15; Spring - January 15;