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Community Service

Community service is a critical component of any college application because it ultimately demonstrates your ability to make a positive impact on a campus and contribute to its student body. Not only does community service make progressive changes in your community uplift others, it also exhibits your capacity as a leader. Taking the initiative to seek change and help causes that may not necessarily affect you directly, may set your application apart by demonstrating your strengths outside of academia. Community service experiences also allow you the opportunity to explore various courses of study and careers that you may not have otherwise considered. Although many high schools require a certain amount of community service hours in order to receive your diploma, it is worth it to make volunteering a personal goal. So serve your community… and feel great doing it!  You may be able to seek community service opportunities through your school or the local organizations listed below:

If you are interested in volunteering for a particular cause that is not listed, you can even initiate contact with local organizations within the community directly and inquire as an individual volunteer. Alternatively, you may also sign up for community service opportunities through the DDC. Contact your counselor for details.