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We highly recommend that all DDC students become familiar with, and apply, to CUNY1 (City University of New York) and SUNY2 (State University of New York) schools. There are 23 CUNY institutions located within the five boroughs and 64 available SUNY universities, colleges, and community and technical colleges distributed throughout the state).

As a New York state resident, we encourage our students to consider CUNY and SUNY because of the various benefits. Not only will the student be in (or close to) a familiar setting and near their families for support, the students are allowed to pay in-state tuition which is significantly less than what residents from other states would be asked to pay. New York residents also qualify for certain grants such as New York’s TAP3 (Tuition Assistance Program), which awards up to $5,000 annually.

CUNY and SUNY institutions also facilitate college accessibility for New York residents by offering opportunity programs such as HEOP (Higher Education Opportunity Program), EOP (Educational Opportunity Program), SEEK (Search for Education, Elevation and Knowledge), etc. These programs are in place to enable access and provide financial and academic support to ensure success within the institutions to students that demonstrate need and meet criteria. Contact your school’s counselor to explore your eligibility. 

Visit and to find out more information and apply to the campuses that are the right fit for you. As previously stated, CUNY and SUNY offer such diversity among its institutions; it is worth researching the college/university that is the best fit for you. CUNY and SUNY campuses can be rural or urban, small or large—and like many other institutions, carry their own personality—so make the effort to visit and gather as much information as possible.





1 The City University of New York,

2 The State University of New York,

3 New York State Higher Education Services Corporation,