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Extracurricular Activities

Another key component of a well-rounded college application is the demonstration of time well spent outside of the classroom. Extracurricular activities are a great way to convey your strengths and passions outside of the classroom.  When deciding what extracurricular activities to join, consider opportunities that will portray you in the best light– those that require leadership and make a difference. Colleges/universities appreciate candidates that are engaged in extracurricular activities that can attest to your ability to make meaningful contributions. Remember: quality over quantity. It’s more impressive to have fewer extra-curricular activities in which you dedicated time and effort in its growth, having earned leadership roles and recognitions, than various activities with minimal participation1. Whether you decide to pursue school activities (e.g. athletic teams, debate, etc.), a part-time job, or serving as a regular volunteer2, remember to stay consistent, show initiative and ultimately enjoy yourself.





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