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Alumni Profile Flosha Tejada

On March 3, 2017 Flosha Tejada, DDC ‘07, Dickinson ‘11 was interviewed for a Dickinson Alumni Profile called “Thriving and Rising” for her work as a college counselor at Uncommon Collegiate Charter Schools in Brooklyn. She shared the following about her time at DDC

I was born in the Dominican Republic to parents who dreamed of financial stability and academic success. When I moved to the US, the idea of a Bachelors Degree was always just that – an idea. I was not a stellar high school student, nor did my teachers appear to notice my potential. DDC captured my attention, providing me with the focus I needed to channel my energy productively. Prior to my involvement in the Upward Bound program I had no idea where my life would go, what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be. I attended three summer programs, including Pre-College, at Columbia, which (my parents can confirm) dramatically transformed me. My counselors at Alfred Lerner Hall were the catalyst; they saw a potential in me that I often did not recognize. DDC nominated me for the Posse Scholarship, which led to a fantastic adventure for four years at Dickinson College! DDC’s UB program catapulted me into the world!

(Flosha Tejada pictured left at DDC’s 2007 Graduation & Awards ceremony.)

You can read the Dickinson Interview here