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Columbia Scholars Lead DDC's Middle School Summer Program

DDC’s Early Intervention Initiative (EII) traditionally provides summer activities and tutoring for middle school students as part of the Talent Search Program. This is the second summer that EII is being managed by named scholars from the Columbia Undergraduate Scholars Program (CUSP) with the oversight of DDC staff.

CUSP widens the variety of potential career options for its named scholars by providing stipends that allow them to explore unique and non-paying internships. This summer Karinya Ghiara CC’19, LinDon Harris CC’20, and Maya Lugo CC’19 are managing all aspects of EII’s summer program including SHSAT classes in the morning, recreational activities in the afternoon and supervising pre-college students as they mentor twenty four 6th-8th graders. 

Learn more about CUSP here

Pictured Below: Karinya Ghiara, LinDon Harris and Maya Lugo