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Employment Opportunities Summer 2018

The Upward Bound Summer Academy (UBSA) is a five-week residential academic and enrichment program for low-income and first-generation high school students in Columbia’s Upward Bound (UB) college-access program. During the summer, students live in residence halls and attend classes, gym, and extracurricular activities. The following positions available for Summer 2018 are listed below.

Application deadline extended to Friday, March 23 for all positions.

Residential Teaching Assistant (RTA)

RTAs attend one week of training, and then co-facilitate Upward Bound programming for five weeks. On duty from Monday morning through Friday afternoon, responsibilities will include leading a residential team of ten students. Duties may also include assisting teachers with academic classes, facilitate tutoring, facilitating club activities, and/or leading physical education activities.
$14/hour ($15 returning)/ 35 hours/week
Includes: 6 weeks of room and board
Timeframe: June 25 to August 4

Supervisor/Head Resident

Supervisor/Head Resident duties include the managing and supervising UBSA and RTAs, acting as liaison between DDC staff, students, and parents, and maintaining a fun and enriching academic environment.
$17/hhour/ 35 hours/week
Includes: Six weeks of room and board
Timeframe: June 18 to August 4

Night Security

Night Security duties include supervising four floors of dormitory space, keeping a discipline log, and acting as liaison between DDC staff and families, to keep our students safe and well rested from 11:00 p.m.-5:00 a.m. (remaining hour used as needed).
$14/hour/28 hours/week
Includes: Six weeks room and board


Teachers work Monday through Friday mornings with UB high school students. Responsibilities are to devise curricula, teach 3 classes, provide homework and exams, grade and record work weekly, provide regular feedback, and work in tandem with class RTAs.
$29.12/hourr 5 hour/day
Timeframe: July 2 to August 3