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Employment Opportunities Summer 2017

The Upward Bound Summer Academy (UBSA) is a 5-week residential academic and enrichment program for low-income and first-generation high school students in Columbia’s Upward Bound college-access program. During summer, students dorm, and attend classes, gym, and extracurricular activities. The following positions are available for Summer 2017:

Residential Teaching Assistant (RTA)
RTAs attend one week of training, and then co-facilitate Upward Bound programming for 5 weeks. On duty from Monday morning through Friday afternoon, responsibilities will include leading a residential team of 10 students. Duties may also include assisting teachers with academic classes, facilitate tutoring, facilitating club activities, and/or leading physical education activities.
$14/hr ($15 returning)/ 35 hours/wk
Included: 6 weeks of room and board
Timeframe: June 26 to Aug 4, 2017

Supervisor/Head Resident
Supervisor/Head Resident duties include the managing and supervising UBSA and RTAs, acting as liaison between DDC staff, students, and parents, and maintaining a fun and enriching academic environment.
$17/hr / 35 hours/wk
Included: 6 weeks of room and board
Timeframe: June 19 to Aug 5, 2017

Night Security
Night Security duties include supervising 4 floors of dormitory space, keeping a discipline log, and acting as liaison between DDC staff and families, to keep our students safe and well rested from 11:00 PM-5:00 AM (remaining hour used as needed).
$14/hr / 35 hours/wk
Included: 6 weeks room and board

Teachers work Monday through Friday mornings with UB high school students. Responsibilities are to devise curricula, teach 3 classes, provide homework and exams, grade and record work weekly, provide regular feedback, and work in tandem with class RTAs.
$28.57/hr, 5 hr/day
Timeframe: July 3 to Aug 3, 2017