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Did you know that DDC is one of the University’s long-standing community engagement organizations serving Harlem youth?

DDC was established in 1965 by undergraduates of Columbia University and Barnard College.  Like you, they had a deep sense of dedication and promotion of social consciousness and sought to inspire others – particularly the young people of Harlem.  Through their work at DDC, they personified leadership, scholarship, and empowerment.

We invite you to join the DDC community as we continue to fulfill our mission to increase the high school graduation as well as college enrollment and completion rates of low-income and first-generation college-bound youth from public schools in Harlem and Washington Heights.  

Below is a list of the different ways in which you can get involved at DDC and have a meaningful impact on the college-going of a youngster from our community.  

TEACHING ASSISTANTS (2 work-study positions available): They provide support for the instructor of the Journalism course that is scheduled for Thursdays from 4pm to 6pm.  Individuals must have strong skills in using iMovie.

HIGH SCHOOL TUTORS: They provide high school students (individual or small groups of approximately 5-7 students) with Columbia campus-based tutoring in a specific academic area (academic areas needed: Math—Algebra, Geometry, Calculus; History – Global, U.S.; LiteratureScience – Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics; SAT; and Writing).  The time commitment is 4 to 6 hours (4pm to 6pm) per week (Mondays through Fridays) beginning in October.  

MIDDLE SCHOOL TUTORS (work-study positions available): They provide 7th and 8th graders (individual or small groups of approximately 3-5 students) with school-based tutoring in a specific academic area (academic areas needed: Math and English).  The DDC partner school is located at 215 West 114th Street between Frederick Douglass and Adam Clayton Powell boulevards.  The time commitment is 4 to 6 hours (during the school day) per week (Mondays through Fridays) beginning in October.

COLLEGE SUCCESS MENTORS: They are paired with DDC students (11th and 12th graders) based on shared academic interests as well as the mentors’ academic strengths and the DDC students’ needs.  College Success Mentors assist students with navigating the college application process and the transition from high school to college.  They help to expand students’ college and career knowledge as well as build their self-confidence for college-going.  The time commitment is 2 to 4 hours per week (4pm to 6pm) beginning in October.

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