Center Statistics

DDC has been empowering students for nearly 60 years. Since its founding over 25,000 students have benefited from DDC’s program. 

DDC prepares your child to tackle real world challenges that come from being a part of a diverse society. It teaches them to understand the world, but also to become practical pioneers to change the world into a better world.


DDC Parent 

DDC Counselors teach you that it is possible to do the impossible.

Clarck D., DDC Student

In 2020 

  • 1,200 hours of instructional programming through classes and tutoring 
  • 111 students registered for our 21 academic classes 
  • 288 college acceptances 
  • 90 individual social emotional support sessions  
  • 91% of the class of 2019, enrolled in college following their graduation 
  • Scholarships/Grants: $3,462,713 

Student Demographics