Healthy Minds & Bodies

The Double Discovery Center realizes that to cultivate our students’ knowledge and skills for social-emotional and physical healthiness, we need to engage our students in activities to cultivate their ability to be resilient and persistent in the face of challenges; and to develop their attitudes, skills, and habits for lifelong physical and mental well-being.

Through a range of activities (e.g. Relax, Relate, Release; Adolescent Public Health in Harlem; and Chat & Chill Sessions), our students develop the dispositions and skills for lifelong learning and success, and build their capacity to nurture physical and mental well-being so they are able to attain their post-secondary goals and beyond.

Our Objectives

Social-Emotional Development

Build students’ enthusiasm, resilience, & persistence for lifelong learning and success.  Develop their “toolbox” of effective coping strategies to overcome obstacles and help them achieve an understanding of their own mental wellness.


Strengthen students’ health literacy and practices to support their physical and mental well-being. Provide exposures that build students’ understanding of the world of healthcare careers.