Our Team


Sasha Wells

Sasha Wells, Executive Director

Annalisa Leite

Annalisa Leite, Director, Development and Marketing

Danny Marquez

Danny Marquez, Development and Marketing Associate

Katarina Milic

Katarina Milic, Financial and Administrative Assistant

Academic Enrichment

Rabbiya Smith

Rabiyya Smith, Associate Director, Academic Enrichment

College and Career Success, On-Campus Programming

Leticia Vasquez

Leticia Vasquez, Director, College Access Programs

Cynthia Ling

Cynthia Ling, College Access Advisor

Belky Ochoa

Belky Ochoa, College Access Advisor

College and Career Success Advisors, In-school Programming

Michelle Richards

Michelle Richards, Associate Director, College Access Programs, Talent Search

Wil Aiken

Wil Aiken, College Access Advisor, Talent Search

Mone Alexander

Mone Alexander, College and Career Success Advisor, Talent Search

Vikki Campos

Vikki Campos, College Access Advisor, Talent Search

Healthy Minds and Bodies

Day Harris-Drake

Day Harris-Drake, Assistant Director, Healthy Minds and Bodies